All members of our Support Team are privileged to serve the independent businesses in our communities. They would do anything possible (at any hour of day or night) to help them achieve success. Our Support Team plays an absolute role in maintaining our clients’ trust through honesty and providing the best support around. This has resulted in GPS keeping clients over 5x longer than the industry average.


Call 800.884.7131 to talk to a live GPS support member.


What are your rates? Why aren’t they on your website?
We generally don’t use set rates. Each business’s situation is unique. To employ a one-size-fits-all pricing approach would be unfair for the vast majority of merchants. Instead, we believe in equitable and competitive pricing for everyone, which means taking a consultative approach and working with each business owner to assess their landscape and create a tailored plan. In most cases, that requires about 15 minutes of your time. Start now, complete the contact us form. 
I’m located in ___________. Can we work together?
We operate in all 50 states and internationally. Give us a call or send us an email! For those who own and operate businesses outside of the US—we do currently support international merchants, we are working diligently to more countries every day. 
What and how are all the ways GPS can process credit cards?
If there is a way to accept credit cards, we can do it! Individual options are endless (hence why they aren’t all listed on the website), but we operate in all the major ways of accepting cards (online/ecommerce, retail card present, mail order, telephone order, and mobile, etc).
Can I use my existing equipment if I switch to GPS?
More than likely! We have a talented and innovative tech team that is dedicated to finding solutions for all merchant situations. In the rare event we can’t integrate with your existing equipment, our team will work with you to find a suitable alternative at a low cost.
How are you better than Square?
Independent businesses choose GPS because of our transparency, support, and, more often than not, the lower cost. Depending on the situation, Square can actually be a good solution for very small businesses with very low average tickets that don’t need human support. In fact, we let business owners know when Square or any other solution could be better for them. Ultimately it depends on the individual situation. If you’re unsure give us a call at 800.884.7131 or contact us and we can find out.
Does GPS have mobile processing solutions? Can I accept credit cards on my mobile phone and tablet?

Yes, absolutely! We have a range of mobile payment card reader options to suit any situation or need. We can set you up to accept credit cards on your mobile phone so you can take your business on the go.

What does the new chip card/EMV (Europay Mastercard Visa) liability switch mean for my business?

On October 1, 2015, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are shifting over card-present liability to whomever is the least EMV-compliant party in a fraudulent transaction.

If a fraudulent transaction were to happen at your place of business after October 2015 and you were not equipped with EMV technology, you may be liable for the cost of the fraudulent transaction.

For more info on EMV, please contact us to learn more. 

If you’re already a GPS client, your local rep would be happy to have a quick chat with you. If you’re not currently a GPS client and you’d like to get set up or have specific questions answered, our Support Team would be happy to fill you in. You can reach them at 800.884.7131, or head to our contact us and drop us a quick message.

I’m out of terminal paper. How do I get more?

Your paper supplies can be procured through us or through an outside source. Our prices will usually be a bit cheaper because we buy in bulk. Feel free to contact Support for pricing on specific paper sizes for your terminal by calling 800.884.7131, emailing, or completing the contact us

My terminal can’t run transactions. What do I do?

While there can be many communication issues, a majority of them can be fixed by taking the following steps:

  • Unplugging your Ethernet or phone cable.
  • Unplugging your power cable.
  • Plugging your connectivity cables back in.
  • Plugging your power cable in.

A quick reset of this nature will resolve most connection issues. If you still can’t run transactions after taking these steps, give us a call at 800.884.7131

When will I receive my deposit?

Typical deposit timelines will vary depending on a few factors. To have our Support Team explain your deposit timeline to you, feel free to reach out to them at 800.884.7131, emailing

How late are you available?
Our patient and dedicated Support Team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.