Our Working Capital program gives you the funds you need without the red tape of a bank loan.

Need extra help expanding your business? Our Working Capital program works with businesses in many different industries. Working Capital is designed to help grow and improve their businesses without the hassle of applying for a traditional bank loan. With GPS we have no minimum credit score or desired amount. There are no fixed monthly payments and the application process is painless and at no cost.

  • Simple and transparent Capital - Both Parties agree on a set payback amount upon funding. All funds are set with a payback amount instead of interest rates that come from banks and other financial institutions. The balance will always decrease with every payment and will never increase with early payoffs.
  • No late payments - We collect an agreed percentage amount on your debit and credit card transactions. This way you will never have to worry about making or missing a payment. This way everything is completely transparent and all agreements are made before both parties sign the agreement.
  • No Cost and easy to apply - We do not believe in un-necessary fees. Most applications are one page and request your three most recent business bank statements.
  • Rapid access to your funds - After receiving the capital request form, you will know if you have been approved in two business days or less. Funds will be in your account the very next business day after confirming the agreement.