Learn more about your customers so you can effectively advertise to them.

We know the importance of saving you money and time. That is why we’re equipping you with a tool that helps you allocate resources more efficiently. We have developed a Customer Analytics platform and automated marketing platform that allows you to easily target your top customers and optimize your profits. Customer Analytics allow you to see customer data to gain insight about them, so you can fine-tune how you interact with them.

  • Easy-to-use reports—Our simple interface will help you understand each statistic so you can take action to boost your revenue and increase efficiency.
  • Access and respond to online reviews—Easily monitor and respond to customer reviews in real time from places like Yelp, Facebook, and Google+.
  • Evaluate promotional campaign effectiveness—Find out which promotions are (or are not) working so you can be confident in your business decisions.
  • Target your top spenders—Figure out who your best customers are and message them with promotions exclusively for their use.
  • Learn the most (or least) profitable times of the day—With that information, you can run a deal during down times to get customers through your doors or capitalize on busy hours.
  • Discover how many customers you acquire—Determine the effectiveness of promotions you run and the types of customers they attract.